View of Humber Bridge
The Humber Bridge photographed on one of the few fine days during April 2001 from the north bank.
The North Towers
The Northern towers taken from ground level looking south.
North pier
The view from the north pier looking upwards towards the deck showing the cantilevers used for the cycle and walk ways.
Maintenance Gantry
The North tower with maintenance gantry under deck.
Close look at the Maintenance Gantry
A closer look at the maintenance gantry near the north towers.
The Walk way on the west side
The view from the west side taken from the walk way around the towers facing the south
Heading North
Taken on the south approach of the bridge going north.
Southern Tower
Heading north as you approach the southern tower of the bridge.
Looking east
Photograph taken from the bridge showing Kingston upon Hull in the background and the main trunk road into the city.
Going North
The view you see as you approach the toll booths on the north side from the south. With the Main Offices on the right.